Executive Education | Curtin University

Curtin Business School’s Executive Education programs deliver practical skills and knowledge in a range of business areas.  Addressing the needs of contemporary and future business professionals and leaders, Curtin is leading the way in career sustainability research and practice. Drawing on the expertise of world class thought leaders in the field, Curtin offer a number of short Masterclasses in a broad range of topics to help professionals up-skill and stay abreast of the latest trends

Carbon Reporting and Accounting

This two day masterclass focuses on carbon reporting and accounting against the background of the policy context for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Evaluation methods for economic and social policy analysis

This two-day masterclass run by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre will provide course attendees with the quantitative and empirical tools necessary to evaluate the causal impact of policy interventions on economic and social outcomes.

Design thinking for the modern leader

Design thinking is a powerful creative methodology that uses empathy to uncover deep customer insights and develop innovative solutions. This program that will provide you with an appreciation and understanding of the key elements of the design thinking process.

Switch: Innovation in Government

Our immersive two-day Switch program will provide you with learning methods, models, and frameworks that can help to foster systematic, repeatable, sustainable and scalable approaches to innovation.

Leverage distinctive and important resources for competitive advantage

Learn how to leverage your companies resources through recognising distinctiveness and categorising, connecting and assessing your companies competence’s to your advantage.

Giving voice to values

This two-day masterclass will provide you with a practical, immediately actionable ‘Giving Voice to Values’ framework for responding to and dealing with ethically challenging situations in the workplace.

Innovate or Die: Leading, managing and doing innovation

Promoting innovation requires innovation leadership and a developing and supporting a culture that is open to a creative, innovative mindset. In this two day masterclass participants will learn the strategies, practical tools and personal leadership principles to develop and promote an innovation mindset within their organisation.