Bar Lafayette

Recently awarded WA’s Best Cocktail Bar by Bartender Magazine, Bar Lafayette is renowned for its artisan cocktail creations.  


Grill’d is fully licenced and offers fresh, flavour-packed and nutritious burgers, made the old-fashioned way – not mass produced like the fast food alternatives. They want their burgers to taste good and do you good by focusing on high nutritional content and lower fat options. Catering information available here. 137 St Georges Terrace, Perth Located […]

W Churchill

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.” ― Winston S. Churchill


This carnival-style speakeasy bar on the lower level of Georges Lane offers old world spirit cocktails, tap beer and fine wine along with simply prepared food. Bobèche takes inspiration from the golden era of cocktails and prides itself on perfecting the classics.

Small Print

Beneath the bustling streets of the Perth CBD, a narrative is unfolding. The heroes of this tale? Distinguished vintages, heavenly Charcuterie and rustic artisanal cheese platters aged in European vineyard appeal.   Print Hall’s basement has been reimagined as an intimate haven for lovers of fine wines, hard-to-find cheese varieties and mouth watering charcuterie with the introduction of […]

Papi Katsu

Introducing Chef Masahiko Yomoda’s latest culinary venture, Papi Katsu, is a modern Japanese retreat poised to redefine the dining experience with its light-hearted ambiance, playful vibe, and innovative approach to Japanese cuisine.