Winter Lights Festival 2017

The much anticipated, visually stunning Brookfield Winter Lights Festival is back for its fifth season. This year, the program is bigger and brighter, with more events and performances including some firsts for Western Australia.

The festival, which runs from Wednesday 19 July to Saturday 29 July, will transform Brookfield Place into a journey of art and light comprising a host of eye-catching events and installations:  

Projections on the Terrace
Brookfield Place Heritage Buildings along St Georges Terrace
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

A captivating  and luminous series of projections that will transform the heritage façade of the Royal Insurance and WA Trustee buildings in sync with a luminaire extraordinaire light display on the adjacent Newspaper House and Perth Technical College.

Interactive Mr B
Curtin University (Old Perth Boys School) on St Georges Terrace 
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

A real-time animated Avatar, Mr B is a brilliant interactive projection that will track the movement of a person in the interactive zone and mimic them to provide a fun, intuitive and amazing experience.

Storytelling Projection
Behind Curtin University (Old Perth Boys School), in front of Basilica
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

This family-friendly storytelling projection promises light-hearted fun for all ages. Located at the rear of Curtin University (Old Perth Boys School), this enchanting display will provide eye-catching multi-media animation.

Digital Wattle
Heritage Square, Brookfield Place
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

For the first time in WA, Digital Wattle - the award-winning, mesmerising installations by NZ artist Angus Muir – features light trees that interact with people as they move. This unmissable, dynamic reactive light sculpture is a contemporary depiction of Australia’s iconic Wattle flower. Three hundred glowing orbs of coloured light sit upon sleek fibreglass extrusions, while hundreds of shades of yellow sway gently in the breeze as an understated sound-scape emerges.

Ground level in front of Brookfield Place Tower 1
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

Spectrum is Angus Muir’s second, thrilling installation; a hands-on interaction where visitors are encouraged to manipulate illuminated tubes to make them change position and colour. These sophisticated, multi-coloured rods allow you to personalise the artwork to appeal to your own sense of beauty and aesthetic. You’ll marvel at the quality and intelligence of this installation, and your own artistic handiwork.

Literature in Light
Ground level in front of Brookfield Place Tower 1
19-29 July, 6pm to 11pm

Literature in Light presents a stunning light totem with laser cut stencils that will illuminate Brookfield Place walkways, casting literature in light onto the rear of the Heritage buildings.

Roving Performers
Ground level in front of Brookfield Place Tower 1

Fliptease and Nightnorns, will weave through the festival with their circus performances, adding mystery, intrigue and fun while engaging with crowds.

19 and 26 July, 6pm and 7.30pm - Nightnorns

A unique trio of roving physical theatre performance artists, combining theatre, dance, play and a dash of circus. Three women traverse a new landscape, their lanterns lighting their way. These endearing, unique ethereal tricksters are sure to intrigue.

20 and 27 July, 5.40pm, 6.20pm and 7pm - Fliptease Orbs

Feel the nostalgia of snow globes filled with joyous and curious ballerinas. Enchanted by the world she is kept from, in her bubble, everything is a curiosity.

21 and 28 July, 6pm and 7pm - Fliptease Prisms

A freestanding aerial piece, the Prisms are the first of their kind. Geometric by nature, the artists move to match the lines and shapes they cast.


Brookfield Winter Lights Festival is proud to have the City of Perth onboard as our installation sponsor along with Curtin University, PwC, Dimeo and Schindler as our supporting partners.

During the festival, Brookfield Place’s award-winning restaurants and bars will provide an outstanding pairing to your event experience.