Fighting Food Waste with Oz Harvest

Did you know that in Australia, over 5 million tonnes of food waste from households and the commercial sector [1] ends up as landfill and that throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90 minute shower?

Which is why we’re pleased to announce that Brookfield Place has partnered with OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity, to collect surplus produce from the Café Court and distribute it to people in need.

Operating nationally, Oz Harvest rescues over 100 tonnes of food each week from over 3,000 food donors and then delivers the food free of charge to local charities.

By minimising the amount of good food going to waste and distributing it to the people who need it most, helps in many ways:

  • Nutritious food for charities by providing high quality food to agencies which may not have been previously available.
  • Savings for charities as vital funds from grocery bills can be redirected to education, rehabilitation and other programs.
  • Protecting the planet by ensuring food gets eaten rather than going to landfill helps reduce the negative impact of food waste on the environment.
  • Savings for food donors through reducing costs for excess food disposal and storage costs, and increasing the positive impact on the local community.

To find out more about OzHarvest and the work they do, visit: