Get to know... Concierge Anthony Yates!

Many of you pass by Anthony as you walk into work each morning, perhaps exchanging a greeting, or dropping off your drycleaning; but there’s more to the Brookfield WA Concierge Services Manager than providing directions, managing the T2 Conference Centre, and supervising the team of six Concierge Services team members across all of the WA Brookfield properties.

 Starting in this role exactly two years ago, Anthony came to Brookfield after 15 years in hospitality working as concierge at Observation City, the Parmelia Hilton and Perth Ambassador hotels. During his time in hospitality he also took up personal security work, including personally escorting global icon Tina Turner and her entourage to Rottnest Island for a picnic for the day! He says what happens on tour stays on tour…

Running his own successful telecommunications business providing internet & phone services to remote communities across the country, he missed the interaction with people he had loved so much in his past roles and started in this position.

 Knowing how bad he was at remembering people’s names, there was a lack of sleep the night before he started but the passion for getting to know people and exploring different ways he could help in everyday situations soon relieved any fears he had.

 “I just love talking to the tenants; the day to day contact with them; building the relationship over time, and of course, training the wider concierge team to find the reward in their everyday actions,” he said.

 About to embark on a 6 day hike through remote Alaska to Canada in 12 weeks’ time, Anthony is preparing for a diet of dried food and packing plenty of bear spray with the simple advice of staying vigilant and making as much noise as you can to stay safe in the National Parks of Alaska.

 He also will be relying on his hiking buddy to look out for his right side, after losing most of his vision from his right eye when he was 9 years old after trying to lock a babysitter in the toilet with an occy strap. Undergoing laser treatment 2 years before marrying his wife, Kylie, he now has increased vision and was able to watch her walk down the aisle.

 Anthony floats between all the Brookfield properties in WA, so if you do see him, make sure you introduce yourself and ask how he and the bears got on in the Alaskan wilderness!