Brookfield Place Tower 2 Sustainability

The premium-grade 16-storey commercial tower in Brookfield Place Perth has been awarded 5 Star Green Star accreditation for Office Design (v3) and As-Built Rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.

The building has achieved a 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating.

From the outset, Brookfield has been committed to achieving a ‘best practice’ result for Brookfield Place Tower 2. Brookfield aimed to excel in design, engineering, placemaking and operational solutions, capable of supporting excellence in workplace.

Some of the sustainability features include:


  • 4 Star NABERS Water rating
  • Grey water recycling system to recover waste from the fire protection system, tenant showers and hand basins; water is treated and reused for toilet flushing and irrigation
  • Water saving fixtures used throughout the building while maintaining a very high standard of amenity
  • Significant reduction in water flow to sewer due to water efficiency and recycling
  • Water sub-meters installed, and all linked to the BMS to provide leak detection through usage alarms and allow details water usage investigation

Indoor Environment

  • 6 Star Indoor Environment Base Building rating
  • Thermal modelling undertaken to determine the most efficient ways to achieve occupant thermal comfort levels
  • End of trip facilities including 345 bike racks, environmentally friendly self-care products provided, high-efficiency hair driers, self-service shoe polishing and on-site bike servicing


  • Peak electrical demand is 45% lower than a typical building of this size
  • Installation of the Tri-Generation System that uses a gas-fired generator and reclaims waste heat to provide water heating and space cooling via an absorption chiller
  • 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating (note: this is impacted by occupancy/vacancy levels and internal tracking by our contracted NABERS assessor currently shows 5 stars)
  • High performance, double-glazed, low-E glazing to all facades to reduce solar gain
  • Installation of the Helvar lighting system that is totally IP addressable to allow easy adjustment to lighting levels and switching patterns to ensure the most efficient and sustainable lighting output
  • Lighting power densities for 1.5W/m2/100lux provided to reduce tenant energy consumption while maintaining appropriate lighting levels
  • Comprehensive multi-zoned lighting control system linked to access control system for efficiency
  • Installed lighting classified as “Excellent” from an energy efficiency perspective on the building’s Building Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • Very low energy consumption from the cooling and ventilation systems, due to cooling design from internal perimeter air movement, complete with full economy cycle
  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential refrigerants and insulants used throughout the building
  • High efficiency, high frequency ballasts specified throughout all areas
  • Absorption chiller greatly reduces the overall Global Warming Potential refrigerant volumes
  • Latest destination control lift system reduces electricity usage by anticipating tenants inter-floor movements
  • All motors are fitted with VSDs for maximum efficiency
  • Comprehensive metering system that allows monitoring and management of electricity, gas and water consumption within the building
  • Daily monitoring of energy consumption against weather normalised models
  • Operational peak demand management program


  • Waste management, recycling and reporting program that includes collection and weighing of all waste streams, site separation, contamination inspections and reporting
  • Introduction of ORCA, a machine that “digests” over one tonne of food waste per month and turns it into environmentally safe water the flows straight into the sewage system
  • Recent extension of organic waste program to include the recycling of loose coffee ground
  • Tenant engagement
  • Provision of a Building Users’ Guide to enable the building to achieve its intended environmental performance
  • Sharing energy, waste and water data with tenants to encourage better practices
  • Quarterly Sustainability Roadshows that provide information about wider sustainability matters including recycling, energy usage, City Switch, data usage and wellbeing as well as internal initiative and corporate social responsibilities